Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Nutter Mutters - 11/27/12

Landon was telling me that he wanted the thing with one eye to see space. A telescope. We talked some more about space and he eventually told me that he wanted to go into space one day with Daddy and Kelsey and me.

I told him that might be possible someday after they do more research to make it safer. I told him that to get to space people ride on a rocket with lots of fire, and it could explode,

so right now only people who learn a lot about rockets and space can go.

He said, "Mom, an explosion would mean that your arms and legs and head break apart, right?"

Mommy: "Well, kinda. It makes you burn up."

(He pauses for a minute. Wait for it...)

Landon: "Mom, this is making me just want to do a telescope."

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