Saturday, March 31, 2012

Nutter Mutters - 3/31/2012

Last night I wasn't home when the kids went to bed.  This morning Justin got up with them... while still in bed, I overheard Kelsey ask: "Mommy?  Home now?"

Landon's new name for store-bought baby food: "Baby Sauce"

Landon and I went to the movies today... it was his first time seeing a movie at the theater.  Before the show, we had Subway.  At one point, Landon told me he didn't want anymore food.  I grinned and said, "What!?  Not even popcorn?"  He quickly replied, "OOOH, I want popcorn.  Sure I do, sure I do!"

At bedtime tonight, Kelsey was reading a picture book to me.  I pointed to the bluebird and asked her what it is.  Landon offered a helpful hint by flapping his "wings" and saying, "Kelsey, look at me... it starts with, 'flying'!"

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