Thursday, August 1, 2013

33 weeks, 3 days

When I was pregnant with Kelsey, somehow I ended up taking a belly photo at 33 weeks, 3 days wearing the same shirt as I was wearing in a photo at the same gestation with Landon.  I don't remember if it was planned or not, but I know it wasn't planned weeks in advance.  I think it was more spur of the moment, that I went looking for a belly photo of myself to show my parents while we were meeting in Tennessee to hand Landon off to them, and we realized that it was the same point in gestation.  Either way, we ended up with the shot.

This time, I have been planning on taking another similar photo for months.  I didn't take most of my old maternity shirts out of storage because they are pretty worn, but I definitely took this green shirt out, planning on taking this photo when I hit 33 weeks, 3 days.

Today was finally the day!  Justin is still gone so it was tricky to get the shot, but with a tripod and my camera on self-timer, and Landon willing to let me focus on him and switch places with me, I managed to get The Shot.

Of course, I'm facing the opposite direction in Kelsey's photo, but my face looks funny when I tried to flip it so I kept it the same.

Most people are saying that they think it is a boy because I look like I'm carrying the same way I did with Landon.  I see what they mean, but I'm also a lot bigger with this one, so I think that contributes to how my belly looks and how the shirt isn't flat at the bottom.  I guess we will see!

Oh, and in three more weeks, I will be taking another of these comparison shots... I did another one at my mother's request at 36 weeks, 4 days while pregnant with Kelsey.  I also rescued this shirt from storage a few weeks ago.  It is in my drawer, awaiting this shot:


  1. You're adorable and I love your attention to detail. It's what makes you, well you.

    1. Thank you. Honestly, sometimes I drive myself crazy. :)


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