Wednesday, July 24, 2013

4D Ultrasound, 32 week appointment, and more.

Justin has been out of town for the past few weeks (and still has another couple weeks to go until he finally gets back home).  We have missed him, but it has been a great opportunity to spend quite a bit of time in Arkansas at Nana and Papa's house.  They recently bought and installed a pool in their backyard.  The kids love it, and it feels so good to relax in at this stage of my pregnancy.

We spent almost a week in Arkansas, but then came back home for a week while the kids participated in Vacation Bible School.  We don't go to church, but Kelsey will be attending Son*Shine preschool at the Methodist Church right off base for two days a week starting in September.  When we toured the school, we were invited to send the kids to VBS.  We decided it would be good for them in many ways, so I signed them up.

Both kids had a great time, although Kelsey did go through some separation anxiety the last three days.  She is my brave girl, though, and after I walked her to the sanctuary and sat her in the pew, she dried her tears and told me I could leave.  I have to admit I was crying on my way out of the church... such a juxtaposition between my vulnerable baby and her stubborn toughness.  Landon, as usual, made lots of friends (all of them his "best" friend).  He developed a bit of hero worship toward one of the teenagers.  Of course, that teenager was the "class clown" (so to speak), which is exactly Landon's personality, so there's no question why Landon admired him so much.

After VBS was over, I decided to take the kids back to Arkansas.  There was nothing for us to do at home and it was nice to see my family and be able to use the pool.  Even better, Mom made me an appointment to have a 4D ultrasound done at the OB clinic for the hospital she works for.  I didn't have a 4D ultrasound with Landon, but I did have one with Kelsey, and was happy to have one with Baby H, too.  It was the only ultrasound Mom has been able to be present for, of all of my pregnancies.  She was incredibly excited and the ultrasound was awesome.  Baby H did spend the first half with foot in front of face, but we managed to get some face shots before my baby decided to turn to face the placenta and ignore us.

Look at those toes!

Cute little nose in profile.

Right before Baby H decided to be done with us.

Back at home, I had my 32 week prenatal at the birth center.  It was a nice appointment... they were running behind so it was a little late, but Kelly, the midwife I saw this time, spent a lot of time with me talking over some of my concerns and questions.  I've seen Kelly previously but after yesterday, I think I would prefer her to be on call when I go into labor.  All of the midwives are awesome, but I just felt like I connected with her a bit more.

She reassured me that even if I am GBS+ again, I will still be able to have a water birth.  I was with both kids and also tested positive during my miscarriage last year... although I am taking probiotics to try to prevent it, I am assuming I will test positive again.  The water birth class had led me to believe I would not be able to birth in the water as a GBS carrier, but apparently it is only other infections that would keep me out of the water.  Kelly also said my hemoglobin is within normal limits, but on the low side of normal, so she advised me to increase my iron intake and assured me it would make me feel a lot better than I have been.  I also had not realized that two of her own births were VBACs - she was thrilled that I've already had one, and I felt like we had something in common considering this will be my second VBAC.

We talked a good deal about what to do if I were to have the baby in the car while driving to the birth center - it is a big worry for me.  Kelsey's labor was fast, but plenty long enough that I should have no problem getting to the birth center if this time follows the same pattern.  However, she was nearly born in the car due to circumstances, such as denial that I was as far along as I was, wanting to avoid getting to the hospital too soon, getting in touch with Amber to stay with Landon, getting my doula on base, etc.  This time, there are plenty of opportunities for happenstance to strike again... I've lived them all out in my head.  :)  Justin could be at work when I go into labor, and getting him home could be time consuming since he works in a secured area.  I really have no one else to drive me until Justin gets home, and we only have our babysitter to take the kids.  It takes time to drop them off and get them settled, not to mention figuring out what to do if Landon is in school when labor starts, or if we can't reach our babysitter.  Thankfully, my midwives have told me that if I have to, I am perfectly welcome to bring the kids with us.  Siblings are allowed to attend births there anyway, but technically we are supposed to bring someone else with us to be in charge of them while Justin attends to me.  However, they would rather us bring the kids alone if we have to, rather than not make it in time.

Anyway, it was nice to be able to discuss those fears openly.  Kelly talked to me about the possibility of birthing in the car, and how if baby is coming that fast, most likely everything is okay, without complications.  It was a reassuring appointment.  From now on, I'll be seen every two weeks.  It seems crazy that it is already that time, but I have a friend whose baby was born at 32 weeks, and Justin himself was.  Kelly said that at this point, baby is almost as long as he or she will be at birth, and will only need to plump up in the next few weeks.

At this point I need to start thinking about packing a bag.  If I go into labor before 37 weeks, I will go to a hospital instead of the birth center.  I doubt that will happen, but I would prefer to be ready just in case.  I am mainly planning on bringing clothes for myself during and after labor, clothes for Justin in case he's in uniform when we go in, clothes for the baby (I haven't decided if I am bringing one outfit for each gender or just something unisex), baby book, and maybe my camera.  I do have a birth photographer coming, but it may possibly be nice to have my own camera for after she leaves.

I guess it is sinking in - we are getting closer now!  I am dying to know the gender of our baby, but I don't want to rush anything because this is likely my last pregnancy, and I don't want to take a minute of it for granted!

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