Sunday, June 30, 2013

28 weeks

On Tuesday I drove to Overland Park for a repeat ultrasound to check the location of my placenta (which was a little close to my cervix at my ultrasound in April), and to do my glucose tolerance test.

I think the ultrasound ended up being the best one I have ever had, with any of the kids.  Don't get me wrong, the second one I had with Landon (at 10 weeks along) was pretty amazing - to see a little peanut shaped baby on ultrasound kicking and flailing his arms was a moment I won't ever forget.  And, it was just as amazing to see Kelsey in 3D a couple months before she was born.  The detail in a 3D ultrasound is something else.

On Tuesday, though, Baby H was ridiculously calm and relaxed.  So still and peaceful - which is very uncommon for this baby, probably my most active of the three.  The ultrasound tech was so sweet, and also seemed to be in awe because she could see things that she usually only catches glimpses of as baby flails around.  She told me she could scan my baby all day and not get bored.  We looked deep into the heart... I got to see the pulmonary artery, even down to where it splits into two to go to each lung.  That was just crazy.  I would never have thought I'd see something so intricate.

Good news is that she feels the placenta is a safe distance from my cervix.  My midwives will get the report and let me know for sure, but I think it is a safe bet considering that the placenta will continue to move upward as my uterus grows.  The placenta is also located in a posterior position, which means I get to feel more than if the placenta was located in front.

Baby H's nose/nostrils and open mouth, taking in amniotic fluid.
Baby H is measuring a little larger than expected at this point (although I know weight calculations via ultrasound later in pregnancy are not very accurate, so I take that with a grain of salt).  The tech estimated baby to be around 3 pounds at this point.  S/he was drinking in amniotic fluid - we could see the little mouth open and close repeatedly.

Chubby cheeks!
The tech got one face shot of Baby H that is adorable.  I've always thought face shots on 3D were pretty creepy, but this one shows baby's chubby cheeks and isn't as skeletal as most face shots are.  I love it and am really happy she was able to capture it in a photo for me!

Traditional profile shot of Baby H.

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