Monday, January 30, 2012

Destined For Adventure

Sometimes, you just know that someone is destined for great adventure.  I have a friend like that.  I met her when she was an itty bitty kindergartner.  I was in 2nd grade, and we were in the same ballet class.  Our families ended up doing a lot together through the years, even after each family left North Carolina to start new lives in Nevada and Alaska.  Her mother and mine are close, despite the distance that is now between them, and she and I have one of those relationships... no matter the distance or the time since we saw each other last, we can generally pick up like no time has passed.

She's one of those constants in my life, whether we were curled up reading books or playing word games in our many little hideaways as little girls... picking honeysuckle from the hedge in her backyard... hitting a moose together on an Alaskan highway at 1am on Friday the 13th... or waiting for the birth of my first child in the week after he was due (unfortunately she had to leave the day before he was born - I will always regret that she wasn't able to be there to see him when he was new).  I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to see her again in July as she passed through while on a road.  She and her younger sister appeared in day 209 of my 365 Photo Project, actually.  She hates the picture of herself but I like it so... TTTTHHHHPPPPTT!

All of this to say... she is currently preparing to leave for Guyana with the Peace Corps.  I could say that I'm surprised, but I'm really not.  I've always had this sense that she'd be doing awesome things one day... I'll admit that it made me really jealous when we were kids!  So, no - I won't say I'm surprised.  It is more like seeing a prophecy come true.

Rachael, I'm so proud of you.  I know you will take this assignment by the horns and own it like you do everything else in your life.  Best of luck, my friend - love you!

(Okay, I'm crying now!)

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  1. What a special young lady! I hope she does well and achieves all that she wants to.


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