Monday, September 26, 2011

Nutter Mutters - 9/26/11

Me, as I was putting Landon's plate down in front of him: "Landon, please push your sleeves up so they don't get dirty."

Landon: "I know that. Please don't say that to me, because I can do it without you getting me in trouble."

(I then told him he wasn't in trouble, that I was just asking him to push his sleeves up. He insisted that I had gotten him in trouble.)

"There's going to be a mergency today, Mommy. If the mergency wakes you up, there's going to be a mergency for a liiiiiitle, little while. Then it won't be a mergency anymore. And tomorrow there will be a mergency, too. And the trees will light up and it will be a mergency - every day there will be a mergency! Every day we have to be careful for the mergency cuz there is going to be a mergency every day and every night, so we have to wait for a little while till mergency stops."

AAAND, after all that, his empty cup went flying off the table. I asked him why he threw it and he said he didn't, that the cup just popped off the table and fell on the floor. Riiiiiiight.

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