Saturday, September 17, 2011

Nutter Mutters - 9/17/11

Mommy (holding 5 fingers up): "Landon, how many fingers am I holding up?"

Landon (without missing a beat): "A lot."

I got him to count them, and we kept doing more examples.  He decided he wanted ME to count how many fingers HE was holding up, and was amazed at how fast I got his first try.  He then held two fingers up, but covered them with his other hand so I couldn't see and figure it out as quickly as I had the first time!  A few more examples later, he held up one finger... the middle one.  So yeah, my son flipped me off.

Landon wanted to watch Spiderman on Netflix, but it was the adult version.  I told him no because it was too scary for him.  He said, "But Mommy, Spiderman rescues people when they are in trouble.  That's not scary."  I had to explain that the bad guys were scary.  :)

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