Friday, May 13, 2011

365 Photo Project: Day 132

The kids and I stopped at the park yesterday after I picked them up. We weren't there long because Landon announced that he had to go potty. When I told him we had to go home so he could use the bathroom, he changed his mind and ended up throwing a tantrum as I made him get in the car so he wouldn't pee his pants. He was fine after he calmed down and we talked it out.

Kelsey has always cried a lot, but for some reason, yesterday she seemed more toddler-like, complete with tantrums of her own. She's so adorable... starting to use a spoon and pointing to things (with all of her fingers, not just the pointer) that she wants.

Speaking of Kelsey, yesterday's photo is one I took of her at the park. I just love the shape of her head and the outline of her face. She looks SO much like her Daddy.

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