Sunday, February 13, 2011


Tonight, nearing bedtime, Landon was starting to get cranky and Kelsey was starting to get fussy. For some reason, instead of going right upstairs to prepare for bed, I turned on some music and we danced. Daddy was watching us, amused. Landon was breakdancing on the floor, and I was swaying Kelsey around on my hips, much to her delight.

Then the words of the song sank in.
"Our lives are made in these small hours... these little wonders, these twists and turns of fate. Time falls away, but these small hours, these small hours still remain."
-- Little Wonders by Rob Thomas

It was just so perfect. The moment, albeit one that will really have little impact on our lives years from now, was like so many other moments that make our life. Life isn't all grand moments that will become detailed memories. The little moments that you generally don't remember are what define us. Who we are when the world isn't watching. We're a family, together. That matters.

It wasn't lost on me tonight. That's all.


  1. I love this post and I love this song! It's all about soaking up these precious moments.

  2. Those moments are what makes it all worth it :) Glad you seized this one!


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