Monday, January 3, 2011

January the 3rd

On this day three years ago, my son was due. It also marks six years since we boarded the plane to fly to Turkey, but I want to focus on three years ago.

It was my due date.

A woman's due date is really just a guess. No one knows for sure when baby will be ready to be born, of course. Still, there's something about that date...

My whole pregnancy with him, we looked forward to January 3, 2008. The days and months creeped by so slowly. We bought baby items. My belly grew larger. Family, friends, and co-workers generously had baby showers for me. We decorated the nursery - I still have the wall letters that Justin and I decorated to match his bedding.

(This was taken 8 days before 1/3/2008, but it is the last picture I have of myself pregnant with Landon.)

When January 3rd finally arrived, I wasn't in the best of moods. I was achy, itchy, cranky, and tired of being pregnant. You know, just like every other woman at 40 weeks pregnant. :)

Landon wasn't born on January 3rd. However, I still carry a fondness for the day I looked forward to my whole pregnancy. On January 3rd, I was still innocently expecting everything to be peaches and roses. I expected that loving your baby and wanting to be a mommy was going to mean everything was perfect. He was perfect, but my learning to be a mommy wasn't.

We adjusted. I learned to be a good mommy to him. Justin and I gave him a baby sister. Though we still are far from perfect, I wouldn't trade where we are now for anything else in the world.



  1. my (now 16 year old) son's due date was August 13. His sister's (now 12) was July 29. They switched. Her birthday is in August, on the first. His was.....July 29. How I managed to have my second's due date on the first's birthday I will never least they can claim different months. I will say that having my second come 4 days late was a surprise since the first one was nearly 3 weeks early!

  2. How funny, switching months. I've read about some twins being born in different months - the first being born on the last day of the month before midnight, and the second one coming after midnight into the new month. So funny. Both of mine were late... Landon was induced at a week overdue (should have waited!) and Kelsey was born naturally four days past her due date.


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