Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Family Update 1/26/2011

I haven't posted on family stuff in awhile, but I figured it was time. We've just been living our daily life, but it gets crazy. I know all parents say that, but it really is so true. Adding a second child just adds to the fun. :)

Speaking of second child, she turned nine months old today. I can't believe how much time has passed since she came careening into my world. I can remember holding her little body. She just stared at me. The only time she broke her eyes from mine was when her daddy got into the room and spoke, and she turned toward his voice. It was beautiful. She still is.

Her nine month check up isn't until February 1st, but I know she's petite. She might hit 16 pounds by the time she weighs in, but I'm not counting on it. What she lacks in size, though, she makes up for in determination. Every parent says it, but she's so intelligent. She has been trying to give her baby doll a bottle (the baby makes eating sounds when the bottle is held to her mouth). Kels also amazes us physically. Her brother was so chill at this age, and didn't care about moving. Kelsey pulls up and walks around furniture, and has even started pushing a toy across the living room at times. It will be so funny when she starts to walk because she doesn't look big enough to be able to do it.

Landon is an awesome big brother to her. Don't get me wrong, he takes things from her and we have to remind him to be careful with her. But aside from that, he's so helpful. He tells me what [he thinks] she needs, brings her pacifier to her when she starts to fuss (and takes it away when she's happy), and just loves on her all the time. I love hearing him call her terms of endearment (sweetie, cutie, beautiful, precious, baby, etc).

Big brother had his three year check up yesterday. He weighed in at 32 pounds, 6 ounces and is 37 inches tall. He did really well and everything looks good. The doctor ticked me off a few times, though... I hate their spiel they go through. I think it is just military pediatricians, but they go into discipline tactics and tons of other things that I don't think should be in the scope of a pediatrician. Then, she failed to ask Landon if it was okay to touch him in certain places, which upset him and bothered me. Three years old is old enough to tell him what you're doing and why, so he understands before the pediatrician touches him. I think I'll have to put in a complaint or comment.

Today was his first dentist appointment. It went really well. I have a few photos that I'll have to post. He was distracted by Dora so he really didn't pay much attention to the dentist, but he does have all his teeth.

That's about it for us for now.

Update 1/27/2011: I forgot! Landon had to have blood drawn at his doctor appointment. They asked if he spent time in buildings older than some year (I think in the 1960s). I've always said no, but this time I said yes because I just found out his daycare was built in the 1940s. Now, it is a military daycare, so it has been completely renovated and lead isn't an issue, but they had to test his lead levels anyway.

It was awful... he was screaming with tears running down his face - not even really crying, though, if that makes sense. I was trying to comfort him, but the tech didn't get a good stick so it took forever to get enough blood (half a vial). Finally it was over and she had me hold some cotton down on his arm and of course, I started to feel faint. I always get that way, even if I'm perfectly okay with what I saw. It is totally subconscious. So I had to sit down, too. Mommy and Landon went out for ice cream after that!

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