Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chaos, Scooby Doo style!

As I posted in my post for my 365 Photo Project, today was Landon's birthday party. We waited until the 15th because Justin was gone last weekend (and his actual birthday was Monday, of course). As of two weeks ago, we had not made any plans for celebrating. We played with the idea of Pump It Up or Chuck E Cheese in Waldorf, but I was afraid no one would come. So while Justin was gone, I finally set a date and time and decided to hold it at the house, and ordered decorations, an edible cake topper, and everything else I needed. Landon decided he wanted he wanted a Scooby Doo party.

We had nine kids here. I think. And parents, of course... well, mamas. And then Justin and I. It was a madhouse, but we had a great time! We didn't end up doing the pinata - it was hard to find a place to put it anyway, but we'd decided on the playroom and that was absolutely trashed once the kids got hold of it.

Landon had a great time with his friends, though. They played hard, ate well (snacks and cake and ice cream), and by the time the night was over, he was pretty much ready for bed. I'm quite tired myself so I'll try to post some pictures of his party tomorrow.


  1. glad that he had fun! pinatas don't work well for little guys so you are likely better off waiting :)

  2. Yeah the piñata came in the party kit. I didn't order it alone. However, it had all these strings on bottom. You could have the kids pull strings one at a time. Only one string opened thr trap door. That might have worked better for kids this age, though it did come with a blindfold and a stick for traditional piñata fun. :)

  3. oh that would be cool then :)

    Get some sleep girl!


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