Sunday, January 9, 2011

365 Photo Project: Day 9

We spent the day at home today. In order to get some things done around the kitchen without hearing Kelsey scream, I put her on my back in the Ergo. Looks pretty comfy, actually...



  1. great photo! I loved my friend's Ergo when I borrowed it. Is it normal for your little one to scream a lot still or just when you are busy lol?

  2. Ah... totally normal. :) She has her moments of playing happily, but it really is more of the exception than the norm. She no longer screams the second you put her down like she did for the first 2-1/2 months. Sometimes she'll let me be out of her sight for maybe five minutes and then start screaming. She rarely lets Justin hold her instead of me. It is a bit intense right now as she's going through the separation anxiety phase on top of just her normal personality.

    Oh, and I looooove my Ergo. We have two, one for each of us, as we sometimes still put Landon on our backs in it as well.

  3. Oh, and she will play happily when I'm in the room with her, no problem. It is when I walk into the next room that she has problems. She's okay at daycare for the most part, as well, since it is a standard part of her routine.

  4. Cali was a complete and utter momma's girl til at least 7 months (can't remember now). Things gradually improved, especially after I went back to work and she spent mornings with Jeff before going to her dayhome. Now sometimes I am her go to person, sometimes Jeff. Just gradually push her boundaries and it will come. Oh and they are ALWAYS better at daycare :)


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