Tuesday, January 11, 2011

365 Photo Project: Day 11

This is where I wait for the Metro to take me home from work each day. It would have been better if you could see the station name in the foreground or if the platform wasn't showing above me, but eh, it is what it is and that's where I stand.



  1. I love your photos, they have a great feeling to them. Why are you so nervous about taking photos outside your house? I think you should do it more often!!

  2. Thanks, Jen! I can't explain it... performance anxiety, I guess? I'm afraid someone is going to get upset at me? Metro is one of those places that usually will stop you if you have a big DSLR like mine... my friend said that if you tell them you're a student they'll be better about it. Target, the store, same deal - can't take pictures with a DSLR. I just don't like confrontation. Plus, the general public just looks at you oddly if you're taking a picture of something obscure and I get self-conscious. My boss saw me with my camera once and told me I looked like a tourist.

    It does mean a lot to me to have people tell me they like what I'm doing. It builds my confidence up and makes me feel like I might be a little too hard on myself.

  3. a LITTLE too hard on yourself? girl! Get out there and take pictures. Scenery, people, buildings, snowflakes, whatever :)


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